"When searching or discerning, what we often need most is not advice or guidance but simply accompaniment.  Yonce does this so powerfully because it flows from his own commitment to asking the questions and being open to where they lead." (Tim, The Potter's House)

"As our community underwent a serious discernment process, Yonce was a crucial presence to me individually and to us as a community.  Yonce became a person with whom I could be myself, especially as I was exploring who that 'self' was.  Yonce was a compassionate presence, withholding judgment and not ever expecting to have 'all the answers.'  Instead, he listened to the community to help us find common ground." (Amy, New Leaf Church)

"Based on the water cooler buzz around the office, this retreat was hands down the most relaxing and enriching one we've had in recent years.  Thanks for all you did to make it special and life-giving." (Elaina, Sojourners)

"Yonce provided excellent support to our team before, during, and after our retreat day.  His quiet wisdom and sensitivity to our needs ensured a good experience for all.  His obvious concern for the well being of the team and the community we serve was outstanding.  We continue to receive thanks and appreciation from the participants who were as delighted with Yonce's leadership as we are." (Barbara, All Souls Anglican Church, Ottawa, Canada)

"Each intentional community member, every year, hails Yonce's guidance and leadership as one of the strongest attributes of the Westmoreland Volunteer Corps.  I underscore their assessment. I have the utmost regard for Yonce's coaching, counseling, and guidance capabilities." (John, Westmoreland Volunteer Corps board chair)

"There are some people that simply work to find solutions.  There are others that point one in the right direction.  I see Yonce as doing both, but much more.  I see Yonce as one who walks with someone on their journey.  He has an incredible gift to listen at multiple levels, i.e. understand one's process, and yet to feel the depths of their soul." (Kevin, Anew Place Counseling) 

"When I first met with Yonce, my eyes were firmly fixed on my career.  Months later, they were much more firmly fixed on Christ and His work in and around me - all of my vocation, not just the occupation part.  There were times when we met where Yonce did not say a word besides a brief hello and opening prayer.  His presence alone is often enough to encourage reflection, deep prayer, and a quieting of the spirit." (R.H., former spiritual directee)   

"Real hospitality is not exclusive but inclusive and creates space for a large variety of human experiences." (Henri J.M. Nouwen)