For Individuals

For Individuals

Spiritual Direction

In the ancient practice of spiritual direction, I (the “director”) companion you over the course of time (usually meeting monthly) to help discover how God is present and working in your life.  This relationship helps you (the “directee”) enhance connection with God and engagement with the world.  The focus is on your relationship with God and how to nurture that through prayer and inner work.   I do not have all the answers, if any.  In fact, spiritual direction is more about praying the questions.  It is a relationship of companionship, and trust helps you experience God in personal ways.  The goal is to be available to what God uniquely offers you.  

Pastoral Coaching

As a pastoral coach, I help you explore a potential path or decision.  While always attuned to the movements of God, this relationship is more practical, strategic, and goal oriented than spiritual direction.  Meetings are also more frequent.  My approach to coaching focuses on understanding gifts and skills, mapping opportunities, and assessing spiritual and practical needs.  Further, it offers pastoral care that may be needed as you take new steps.       

Consultation and Connection

If you are unsure of your needs, I can offer more information or ideas for other resources.  There is no charge for an initial consultation, which might include conversation about the differences between spiritual direction, pastoral coaching, counseling, etc.  It might touch on questions of spirituality, theology, and trust.  The goal is to help you discern what kind of help you need, and how to find it.   

"If I can provide a certain type of relationship, the other person will discover within himself the capacity to use that relationship for growth, and change and personal development will occur." 
(Carl Rogers)