Videos & FAQs

Video excerpts about Being with Between: 

What is Being with Between?

This blog post explains one way I understand spaces in between, and what they can mean for us.

Where are you located?

I have been in the Washington, D.C. area for 18 years, and have an office in Bethesda on the D.C./Maryland border.  

Do you see clients via video conferencing?

That is an option.  It depends on circumstances.

I'm not sure what I need.  How can you help?

The first step is for me to listen.  Often, needs become clearer to you or me with some attention.  There is no charge for an initial conversation.  

I'm not a religious or spiritual person.  Can you still help?

I welcome anyone who is drawn to what I offer.  A spiritual or religious orientation is not necessary to explore if I can help.

My spirituality or religion seems different from yours.  Can you still help?

I respect who you are and what you believe.  I do not want you to adopt my faith, spirituality, or religion.  Rather, I hope our work together can honor your tradition and strengthen that understanding and practice.  

My focus isn't calling, discernment, or transition.  Can you still help?

Those are the best words to articulate what I offer.  However, spiritual work defies neat categories.  I'm always open to how my gifts may converge with your needs, regardless of the words that go with them.  

Do you offer anything not listed on this website?

Yes!  I'm happy to listen to your needs and offer ways in which I might help.

How can I be sure you can help?

In some instances, I can offer references for my work.  Please see what others have said here.

If I am not a good fit, I will try to suggest others.  In fact, I strongly believe in connection to trusted colleagues.  It is an important part of my approach.

What are your fees?

Fees depend on the type of help.  For some services I offer a sliding scale based on income and other considerations.  There is no charge for an initial consultation.  I accept checks and PayPal.

"If we wish to quench our thirst, we must lay aside books which explain thirst and take a drink." (Jean Pierre de Caussade)