What is Calling?

Calling, Discernment, and Transition

One senses the call with heart and spirit … adds head to discern … 
then transitions by engaging the soul.   

What is calling?

Calling is a sense that something bigger than you invites you to greater purpose; that risk and trust are required; and that saying yes will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of self.  However, each person may understand it differently.  Part of exploring calling is understanding what it means to you.  How broad or narrow is it?  What areas of life does it touch?  What has grabbed you?  

The way you define calling will impact how you seek, listen, discern, and act.  A better question than What is calling? is What does calling mean to me, right now?  I’ll help you explore that.         

What is discernment?

Like calling, there are many ways to define discernment - and to discern.  Your discernment will be different from anyone else’s.  I understand discernment as a process of being aware of energy; learning where to focus that energy; and deciding what commitments flow from that insight.       

I will be with you as you explore in unique ways.  I will be hopeful and encouraging as you develop your own understanding of discernment as both goal and process.     

What is transition?

Transition is more than change.  Transition requires serious focus on the deep, emotional aspects of change.  Its about exploring the shifts within you that are prompted by shifts around you.  It requires trusting how that attention can lead to growth - not just acceptance and coping.

I help pay attention to needs that may be hard to recognize or engage; to the soul work that change invites.    

"This is something I can't not do, for reasons I'm unable to explain to anyone else and don't fully understand myself but that are nonetheless compelling." (Parker Palmer)