What is Calling? (Part 4)

How I understand calling - sensing; accepting; being and doing - is informed by how I understand Jesus’ baptism and what it meant for his discernment.        

Jesus’ life and calling included continual learning about himself and God. His baptism was the catalyst.  He sensed that baptism was critical to his journey and understanding of self.  Heaccepted God’s offering of love.  He went to the desert to be and engage God and self in deeper ways.  When he returned, he did things with authority to change the world.  He was empowered by knowing more about his calling, and how to foster relationship with God.

But, I’m not sure the fully human Jesus knew everything about what that would mean and require.  

Parker Palmer defines vocation/calling as “something I can’t not do for reasons I can’t fully explain and don’t fully understand myself” (Let Your Life Speak).  God calls us in unique ways, gives us just enough understanding, and asks us to trust that we’ll know more as we commit to the journey.  

Despite what he did not know, Jesus said yes.  And he continued to receive from God as he trusted in his ministry of giving.  We too are called to receive and offer in unique ways.  

May you follow the nudges.  May you receive God’s love that empowers.  May you be in relationship with God, self, and others in ways that show that love.