What is Calling? (Part 3)

I used to think calling was about DOING.  Now I think it is about BEING.

That makes me rethink the balance between giving and receiving.  I have become more aware that I was created, and received the gifts of who I am, due to no effort of my own. I am trying to accept that God loves me for who I am, before I give anything.  I am trying to understand the depths of who I am, and what that means for relationship with God and others.    

I wholeheartedly believe that God loves it when I do good and help others.  I also believe that such offering flows best from connection with my truest self, which results in living and acting without too much calculation and strategy.  I am not true to my core being when I act based on ideas of what Ishould do; when I act because of guilt, comparison, and fear.  That stifles living into calling.    

My deepest self is increasingly aware of the gift of God’s love and how that uniquely manifests in me.  That calls me to BE and DO in response.  The best doing flows from a being that recognizes the limits of knowing and living calling by giving without first receiving.  

What is your truest self?  Who are you as a creation of God?  How do you understand your BEING?  How you name that has a lot to do with calling.  And how you understand your calling is critical to your DOING to co-create with God.

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