What is Calling? (Part 2)

God offers and it’s hard to accept.  That is another way to define calling.  

God offers us much.  Perhaps the hardest things to receive are those that ask us to co-create with God.  It’s easier to receive gifts of sun and rain, than to receive the invitation to shape life by offering our deepest gifts.  It’s hard to accept such an offer because doing so requires us to risk, trust, and confront doubt.  

It’s hard to accept that we can be part of God’s plan for the world.     

Calling can be to faith, relationship, family, community, place, service, leadership, and more. In each there is an offer that empowers, but also leads to paths and places we cannot control.  

It’s hard to follow God into the unknown.  

God offers and it’s hard to accept.  Have you sensed a calling that affirms this? What was offered?  Why was it hard to accept?  What did you need from God and others to say yes?