Coracle: "To Meet and Be Met by God"

In past years, I’ve nurtured a special relationship with Bill Haley and Coracle in Shenandoah, Virginia.  Coracle is a non-profit organization that exists to inspire and enable people to be the presence of God in the world by offering spiritual formation and Kingdom action. Bill, his wife Tara, and others do this through spiritual direction, retreats, sacramental ministry, pilgrimage, communication, ministries of mercy and justice, mission trips, and creation care.

Corhaven is the 17 acre “retreat farm” where Bill and his family live and offer space for retreats, seminars, and more.  It has become a place I simply must go regularly to listen and be reminded of God’s desire for relationship with me.  

I often have spiritual directees looking for places to explore silent or lightly guided retreating for the first time.  Corhaven is where I suggest.  The place has a very special feel, and the vision is in line with how I try to create space for others.  Corhaven offers much to those being called to deeper silence for inner work, as well as those seeking opportunities to engage with others around spiritual growth.    

In all that is offered, you will find welcome and support for Coracle’s desire to help you “meet and be met by God.”

If you want to nurture relationship with God by embracing nature, contemplation, mission, mystery and more, check out what Coracle has to offer.