Welcoming ALL of Transition

Transition is more than change.  Transition requires focus on the deep, emotional aspects of change.  Its about exploring the shifts within you that are prompted by shifts around you.  It requires trusting how that attention can lead to growth - not just acceptance and coping.

Earlier this year, I led a day of reflection for a group representing a handful of churches in Ottawa, Canada.  The goal was to pay attention to how changes in the larger church provide opportunities to engage how churches can be in the future.  People gathered to imagine how that could shape transition in creative ways, and foster deep growth as individuals and communities.

The day made space for listening, reflection, and new awareness. And while there was lively conversation and laughter, there was also some sharing of pain and unfulfilled needs.  It was hard, but necessary.  This group was honoring all of transition.  

These people were welcoming the deeper, emotional, hard realities of change. In doing so, they were opening to a more complete experience. They were inviting everything that makes them who they are - and who they can become. They were being vulnerable and supportive, trusting in a fuller transition and more creative approaches to growth.

Many attendees had views of church, community, needs, and possibility changed.  Opening to transition offered greater awareness of shifts - within and without - to pursue with others.  As one person said:  “It wasn’t what I expected…it was much more.”  

May that be so with your transitions.  

Explore what transition can mean to you in a weekly Transition Group this fall (2016) at The Carpenter’s House.